Nancy Madru, Postpartum Doula

Nancy Madru, Central Massachusetts Doula

I believe that nurturing mothers is the single most important work in our culture.

-Nancy Madru

As part of research for my master’s degree, I worked with women with HIV during pregnancy and the postpartum time.  I’m grateful to these women who shared their life stories and their hopes and dreams for their babies and families.  They showed great strength during difficult times.  Through them I saw how pregnancy can be a time of amazing personal transformation, and I saw how much better women did when they had support.  So I became a certified labor doula and a certified postpartum doula through Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.


Over the past ten years, I have worked with ninety-five families as their labor doula.  My experience includes VBAC support and cesarean support. I support women who choose epidurals and women who decide to labor and birth without medication.

I have offered postpartum support to an additional seventy-five families.  Working as a doula is my fulltime profession and I travel throughout the Pioneer Valley and Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, including Agawam, Amherst, Chicopee, Deerfield, Greenfield, Hadley, Huntington, Longmeadow, Northampton, South Hadley, Springfield, Westfield, Williamsburg and Worthington. 

I have attended births at Baystate Medical Center, Holyoke Medical Center, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.

In partnership with Baystate Midwifery and Women's Health and the Green River Doula Network, I coordinated the Baystate Green River Doula Project, supporting at-risk women during labor and birth for several years.  I also coordinated a March of Dimes-funded doula project for at-risk women in Franklin County.


  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) training and certification:
    • Labor doula - 2007
    • Postpartum doula -2007
    • Childbirth educator - 2008
  • Master's in Anthropology - UMASS - 2007
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork for pregnancy and postpartum - Lotus Palm Institute in Montreal -    2007
  • Yoga Teacher Training with Mama Nirvana's New Yoga - 2011
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Pranakriya at Kripalu - 2011