The Benefits of Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

Awake Baby - Doula Support by Nancy Madru

The priority of a postpartum doula is to “mother the new mother,” ensuring that she receives emotional and physical support during this time of significant transformation.

Overnight postpartum doula suport encourages rest for healing and more time and energy to bond and care for your baby.

As part of postpartum care, many families find overnight support to be very beneficial in allowing a more natural time of sleeping for the parents. Allowing them to be rested and able to spend quality time with their baby and older siblings during the day, ultimately strengthening the whole family.

Mothers state they are able to sleep much more deeply when they know their baby is in experienced hands.  

Most overnights are 8-10 hours in duration.  The primary goal is to allow the mother to get more sleep.  This can occur in a variety of ways depending on the age of the baby and the type of feedings (breastfeeding only, breastmilk via an eye dropper/syringe or in a bottle, formula).

The parents give their night-time parenting duties to the doula who usually stays in the same room as the baby for the night. The doula changes the baby, holds and comforts the baby to sleep between feedings. If the mother is breastfeeding, the baby will visit to nurse every two-three hours.  The doula also makes sure the nursing mom has nourishing snacks and drinks throughout the night. If the baby is taking pumped breastmilk, by eye dropper/syringe/or bottle, then the doula may give the baby most or all of the feedings throughout the night.  The mother will still need to pump milk at regular intervals throughout the night.  Babies that are formula fed, can stay with the doula throughout the night for all feedings.

The time after your baby’s birth is a unique and precious time. Meeting with a postpartum doula before your baby is born is an ideal way to develop a trusting relationship and to discuss priorities and strategies.  However, very successful and supportive doula support can be established after the baby is born. Contact me today to schedule a free, one-hour telephone consultation.