Here's How I Can Help

Here's How I Can Help - Nancy Madru Doula

You’ve decided to bring a new little person into the world. So amazing! Sometimes overwhelming. . . You can do it.  Here’s how I can help:

I offer postpartum doula support during the first days and weeks as you get to know your baby, heal your body, and navigate the newness of motherhood and family.

I have been honored and excited to be a part of so many wonderful and joyous births over the last ten years. 

Now, offering postpartum doula support and helping families get some sleep (!) is the primary focus of my doula work.

I encourage you to think about and plan for the postpartum time as early as possible.  I offer a free, one-hour phone consultation. Take a moment now to CONTACT ME and schedule yours!. 

You can do this!  I can make easier.