Spring 2016 Workshop Summary

Our Workshop and Retreat was such a success, we're already planning the next one!  Save the date, September 21st, and join us at the Montague Retreat Center!

“ I have never been to a workshop like this with such a mix of women from pregnancy, to new mothers, to doulas and grandmothers.”  Jennifer Hydefrost

Over twenty-five women, some still growing their babies inside their bellies, some with new babies wrapped close, doulas, a midwife, nutritionists, therapists and our speakers, converged at the Montague Retreat Center  and settled into yoga with Sam Wilde, who moved us from our cars and cares and commute to an open, calm space where we could accept the magic of the day.

“My family offered me a babymoon, and I resisted.  I know now it’s a tradition in many cultures.  I’ll do it differently next time.  I experienced the perfect storm of six months postpartum and going back to work.”


  • Postpartum is more than six weeks.
  • It’s really hard for women to ask for help.
  • There is a high interest among the women in talking about their partners and relationships after a new baby.
  • We need to allow ourselves to not know what we are doing.
  • We need help to connect to and be sustained by community.
  • Mothers need to adopt a new idea: an acceptance of being “good enough” and let go of the need to be perfect. 
  • Honor and accept who you are as a mother and ease away from comparing yourself and your baby to others. 

“Realizing that PT for pelvic floor is standard of practice in many European countries.”

Our speakers (Patricia Young, Michele LaRock, Alison Todd, Chaya Aronson, Anna Westley) provided us with information on optimal health in the postpartum time discussing physical therapy for pelvic health, food and supplements that promote healing, understanding  and nurturing partner attachments and holistic pelvic therapy and Maya abdominal massage.  We also discussed the neighbor-to-neighbor community support model of “It Takes a Village” and the MotherWoman groups that offer non-judgmental, advice-free space.

“I had help— and I felt guilty.  I valued the reminders of body awareness and appreciated knowing more about the network of support and feeling more empowered.”

In the afternoon our speakers facilitated breakout sessions on the following topics.

Patricia Young: Finding the sweetness with your other half: Sex after Birth.
Chaya Aronson: Learning basic self care massage techniques and complementary therapies to support your bringing your uterus into physical alignment and energetic balance. 
Alison Todd: Learning restorative yoga poses that support replenishment of energy postpartum.  Learning strategies for reconnecting with  partner in the "to-and-fro" of new parenting.  Mapping your own web of support to see where you give and where you get energy, and where you may need more support.

“It doesn’t have to be perfection and I don’t have to know everything.”