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Choosing where your baby will sleep is an important area of decision-making.  No matter what you decide, I think all parents must read James McKenna’s “Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines.”  

Whatever the parents’ intentions about where their babies will sleep, babies will at least occasionally, and sometimes often, end up sleeping in bed with their parents for part of the night.  These safe co-sleeping guidelines allow parents to set up a safe environment even if bedsharing is not part of their initial sleep plan for their baby.

The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program" by Polly Moore, a sleep researcher with a PhD in Neuroscience, will provide helpful information including an explanation on BRAC, the "basic human rest and activity cycle."  

We have all heard of the Circadian cycle, the 24-hour internal clock that governs sleep, but few of us have heard of the 90-minute Ultradian cycle that determines our awake time.  In the first year of life, the Ultradian cycle rules, so it’s wise to become aware of how it works.  “Sleep & Your Baby"  is a two-page, easy-to-read synopsis of a few popular resources compiled by "The Center for Advanced Pediatrics," a pediatric group in Connecticut.  (To alleviate any confusion, note that they do spell "ultradian" incorrectly in this document.)

Babies go through so many developmental stages that it may seem you have just figured one thing out and they are on to the next stage.  Many of the developmental stages will affect sleep. I have found the Hand-in-Hand Parenting website to be a valuable resource for respectful parenting. Because we’ve been talking about sleep, here’s a Hand-in-Hand Parenting article about sleep.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the topic of bedsharing, Speaking Out on Safe Sleep:Evidence-Based Infant Sleep Recommendations  by Bartick and Smith, published in Breastfeeding Medicine in 2015, will provide a thoughtful juxtaposition of AAP recommendations for separate sleep areas for mothers and babies and successful breastfeeding.   

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